About Access Exchange International

Our mission

Access Exchange International is a not-for-profit and non-governmental agency which promotes inclusive public transport for persons with disabilities in Africa, Asia, the Americas, and eastern Europe. We assist stakeholders in less-wealthy regions as they promote, plan, and implement inclusive bus, rail, and paratransit services for seniors and passengers with disabilities.

We currently assist

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How we are governed

We are governed by a Board of Directors that meets quarterly.

Current members of our Board of Directors are

* AEIís Executive Director, Tom Rickert, served as Paratransit Coordinator and as Manager of Accessible Services for San Franciscoís public transportation agency. He stepped down in 1990 to found Access Exchange International. For many years he was Co-Chair of the International Sub-Committee within the Committee on Accessible Transportation and Mobility of the USAís Transportation Research Board. Additional background information is available upon request.

Note: AEI’s assistance is limited to the work described in this website. Please note that AEI does not provide accessible tourism services, although we strongly support the role of accessible tourism in the promotion of inclusive transportation. For information on this topic, go to "accessible tourism" on a search engine.

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